Club Presentation Day



The awards to be presented to Club Members at Presentation Day and the criteria for each award are set out below.

President’s award 

This perpetual trophy is selected by the president for contribution to the Club. It can be any Member of the Club, for example, a swimmer, parent or volunteer.

Club Improvement Point Score

These perpetual trophies are awarded to the male and female winners of the Club improvement point score.  For more information about the point score click here.

Club Point Score Champion of the Year

This perpetual trophy is awarded to the swimmer (male or female) who has accumulated the most points in the Club improvement point score.  For more information about the point score click here.

Stroke awards

There are six perpetual trophies, one for each stroke plus an open water swimmer. The swimmer who achieves the highest placement in each stroke at national or NSW state or country level receives the trophy. The recipient for each stroke will be selected based on the following objective criteria:

Fastest 100 free

These perpetual trophies are for the fastest 100m freestyle swim during the swimming year, that is, from 1 October to 30 September preceding presentation day. The fastest time from all long and short course swims are considered, without conversion. There are male and female trophies. 

Note: these trophies have been awarded by CASC for over 50 years.

CASC Club Championships

These awards are for the swimmers who won their age group at the Club championships.  For more information about Club championships click here.

The winners receive a gold medallion or similar, as determined by the Committee each year.

Coaches Awards

Coaches Awards

These awards are selected by the coaches for best attitude to training and competing and can be given to a swimmer at any level. There are pepetual trophies for these awards.


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