Rugby Tops


You may have noticed some swimmers wearing a distinctive Canberra ASC blue and white striped cotton knit rugby rugby top.  Swimmers cannot buy this top.  It is provided to swimmers in recognition of their achievement in reaching a representative level in swimming.

How do I get one?

The tops are presented to swimmers when they first represent the Club at a Swimming NSW Championship or Swimming Australia championship (pool or open water), ie,


To receive a top, swimmers must qualify for an individual event and attend and swim for the Club at one of the meets listed above.  In exceptional circumstances, the Committee may decide to give a top to a non-swimmer, eg, coach or volunteer.

The Uniform Manager will contact you to arrange to get your top to you.

What does it cost?

The first top is given to the swimmer free of charge but swimmers will need to buy replacement tops if they need one, eg, the original top is lost or outgrown.  If the swimmer wishes to have previous meets embroidered on the new top, this will also be at the swimmer’s expense.  It is not possible to buy a top unless a swimmer has previously ‘earned’ one.

What is embroidered on the top?

The tops are embroidered with the swimmers name and any Australian state or national level meet (pool or open water) that the swimmer swims at (provided the swimmer is a member of the Club at the time), that is,


No other meets are embroidered on the tops, ie, schools national championships, overseas meets, district or area level meets, eg, speedo sprints, Brophy meets.  These meets are not embroidered on the tops because the swimmer represents their school or other team rather than the Club.  Swimmers receive a team uniform for these meets which can be embroidered with their name and details of the meet, at the swimmers own expense.

Each level meet is only embroidered on the top once, eg, if a swimmer swims at both summer and winter country for 2009 then ‘NSW COUNTRY 2009’ is embroidered on the top only once (usually after summer country).

No distinction is made between pool and open water swimming so, for example, if a swimmer swims at both pool and open water events at National age level then only one line of embroidery is put on the top (ie, AGE NATIONALS 2009).

How do I get my top embroidered?

Tops are collected twice a year, shortly after the Australian Age Championships and the Australian Open Short Course Championships.  Details of collection arrangements are published on the website at that time.  The Club meets the cost of embroidery.


More Information

Please contact the Uniform Manager for more information.


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