How to Enter Meets

Read the flyer carefully and check your times in the National Results Database to see if you can enter your chosen events.

Note any:

If you believe that some of your results are missing please contact the club that organised the meet and ask them to upload the results. Do not email the Canberra ASC Race Secretary unless the meet was run by Canberra ASC.


Swimming ACT Development Meets

Flyers for ACT Development and Distance Meets are published on the Swimming ACT website.

All Development meets in the ACT will have a break time. It is your responsibility to check that you have not yet achieved these break times.

Entries and payments to Development meets are now done online. See the Meet Flyer for details.

If you are having trouble with the online entry, follow the process below:

  1. email entry details to our Club Race Secretary by the Canberra ASC stated closing date (usually four to seven days before the actual closing date). DO NOT email your entry to the hosting club as it will not be accepted.
  2. use the National Results Database to check that you are eligible to swim in the meet;
  3. You must send entries for each meet in separate emails, and each email must include:
    -  swimmer's name;
    -  date of birth, and
    - event number/s and description for the events to be entered, eg, # 12 - girls 13 years 50 free.
  4. A meet entry report will be published on the Canberra ASC website a few days before the meet. Check your entries carefully and advise Club Race Secretary of any errors.

Payment is due the day before the meet. The entry fee is on the meet flyer. You can pay by:

Please note:

We are unable to provide refunds for entries which are rejected because they do not meet break / qualifying times. Entry fees are sent to the organising Club with the meet entries and are not refunded, to Canberra ASC.

If you enter a meet you must pay the meet entry fees even if you do not swim as Canberra ASC is obliged to pay the hosting club once the entry is submitted.

If you have outstanding fees payable from earlier meets your entry will not be submitted until the outstanding fees are paid.

Canberra ASC is required to provide timekeepers at all meets. All swimmers need to ensure that a parent or other person is available to help with timekeeping at meets.


Swimming ACT Qualifying meets
NSW meets (including Country and State Championships)

Most ACT qualifying and main meet entries and payments are now done on line. See the Swimming ACT website for more details.  All Main Meets or Qualifying Meets will have a qualifying time. It is your responsibility to check that you meet these times.

ALL NSW State and Country Championship meet entries and payments are now done online.

Check the meet flyer or the Swimming NSW calendar for the closing dates for these meets and links to the online entries portal.


Important Note: Entry lists will be published following the closing date. It is the competitor’s responsibility to email the meet organiser within 24 hours of the entry lists being posted to request corrections.


Swimming Australia Championships

ALL Swimming Australia Championship meet entries and payments are done on line using the Events Online system (as for Swimming NSW meets).

Check the Swimming Australia calendar for the closing dates for these meets and links to the online entries portal.

Note you cannot use a short course time to enter a long course Australian championship.


Other meets outside the Swimming ACT Area

If you are planning on entering other meets outside the ACT Area please read the flyer for the meet carefully.

If the hosting club is accepting entries online, use that method. Send the Canberra ASC Race Secretary a courtesy email so that he is aware of your entries. This ensures that your results will be available to use as qualifying times in ACT meets.

If the hosting club is not accepting online entries you must send your entries to the Canberra ASC Race Secretary. Do not send your entries direct to the hosting club as they will not be accepted. The procedure is the same as for entering ACT meets (see above) but note:

For meets outside the ACT / NSW you must complete an interstate clearance form and email or post it to Swimming NSW before the closing date for the meet. Please also send a copy to the Canberra ASC Race Secretary as a matter of courtesy. 

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